Teaching Philosophy

My greatest joy is being a Musical Midwife!  As a teacher, mentor and co-journeyer, it is my privilege to cultivate and nourish each student’s spark of creativity, every morsel of talent and interest.  It is my life’s work to help birth music that ushers beauty into this world; music that builds bridges between races, colors and creeds; music that raises up a new paradigm of being and walking on this planet.


My core philosophy is that each and every one of us is a Music Maker.  From the first cry of life to the last sigh of death, from the beating of our hearts to the soaring of our imaginations, our bodies are enveloped by sounds and vibrations every moment of our lives.  That makes each and every one of us a Music Maker!  That is the paradigm I deeply know; that is the paradigm I live in; that is my instructional paradigm.  Every one of us is a Music Maker … and each of us discovers and embraces and cultivates our individual musical expression in our own time.


My work is to provide fertile soil.  Sometimes we are in full bloom – honing our voices, our instruments, our skills.  Sometimes we are seedlings … trying new musical things and sprouting confidence.  Sometimes we are just peeking up out of the soil … testing to see if it is safe to expand our musical horizons.  And sometimes we are in the seed coat – full of potentiality and possibilities … ready to open to all that we can become.  Best-selling author Wayne Dyer challenges us, “Don’t die with your music still inside you.  Listen to your intuitive, inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul.”


Who am I to my students in this process?  I aspire to be their Gardener, Cheerleader, Coach, Co-journeyer, Co-Pilot, Guide, Collaborator … helping individuals to birth beautiful, bold, bountiful and boundless music.


And what is unexpected about all of this?  That once we courageously and truly find our voice, or play our instrument, or write our song … music becomes a way of being in the world … not a “thing” we do … but food, and drink, and nourishment for the journey, both as individuals and as members of this beloved world community.