Elizabeth has a unique gift for drawing out a person's inner talents. She understands that music is a self-expression - drawn from deep within - rather than just an external skill set. Her style is warm, engaging, and always encouraging, regardless of a person's age, ability, or background.

Elizabeth has a creative and engaging style when it comes to her music and her teaching of music.  She has mastered the art of finding the strengths and talents in her students and then focusing on those strengths. Her quiet, calm, gentle demeanor is a gift for all ages to encounter; and most importantly, Elizabeth makes the learning process fun!"

A very patient instructor, Elizabeth is a master at communicating with students in their language. This makes for faster and deeper understanding and translates into earlier mastery of the technique. I'm also impressed with her ability to make students feel safe; the result is that I found myself willing to take chances and stretch myself to things I hadn't thought possible!

Elizabeth is possessed of a unique ability to bring out the best in everyone she teaches.  I have had the pleasure of working with her one-on-one, in small ensembles and in large choirs.  Each and every time, she brings out abilities that I didn't know I had and enables me to be the best musician that I can be. She is a blessing.

Elizabeth has a unique ability to encourage musicians of all ages to find their creativity. I have been a pianist for 60 years and I have never known another music teacher who is as inspiring and gifted as Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has been giving my three children piano lessons for four years and I have always appreciated that she truly takes the time to know and connect with each of them. She does a tremendous job of meeting them where they are amongst the ebb and flow of their motivation levels and interest to help keep them engaged - there are no artificial timelines here.

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Many excellent piano teachers give homework or guidelines for students to practice, for example 20-30 minutes 6 days a week. In contrast, Elizabeth invites her young musicians to experience the joy of creating music whenever they feel the joy of doing so bubbling up in their spirit. Ever since her very first lesson, the young girl I bring to Elizabeth for piano lessons couldn’t wait to go home and feel the music flow out of her. Her joyful anticipation of practicing led her to choose to practice much more than her older sister had under a more traditional instructor. This girl has been through a lot of trauma in her life, and I perceive her times with Elizabeth to be a joyful and healing oasis.

Elizabeth is a warm and supportive teacher and mentor for the young and the young at heart. She thrives to help her students achieve their full potential at every level and with every lesson. With her guidance students bloom beyond their imagination.

Elizabeth Scribner is an amazing teacher: she can engage you at your current level of skill, however low or high, and help you to improve.  She appreciates your efforts to learn, and more importantly, she appreciates you.  Her love of music permeates everything she does, and it is infectious!

Being in the presence of her gentle, gracious, enthusiastic spirit will be a life changing experience. As a gardener caresses and prepares the soil, Elizabeth cultivates a lush environment that fosters growth for musicians, singers, actors and humans. No matter your ability, disability, trepidation or boldness of spirit she will meet you where you are and your life will be expanded in your sense of self, your sense of the world and the healing nature of musical expression.

Patience is my teacher

Initiative she has in taking steps to assist my efforts

Authentic is almost musical when it describes her.

Nourishing my spirit  is time spent at the piano with my teacher

Open to suggestions to hear from the student.

Many adjectives describe the wonders of having Elizabeth in my life.   So to put it more simply I have chosen the above acrostic to describe my relationship to my piano instructor.

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